Petrol, Energy & Construction Industries

Petrol, Energy & Construction Industries

Accidents can happen no matter how advanced the safety measures of modern industrial workplaces. Aid Assistance on-site medical teams and ambulance helicopters are on standby throughout the region.

Find the best solutions for operating your medical department at the lowest costs with the highest expertise. Ensure the safety and wellbeing of your staff without slowing down operations.

AID Assistance provides professional service and guidance in providing healthcare using a broad network of the best hospitals across Turkey and the medical repatriation/evacuation of clients anywhere around the world.

AID Assistance is the pioneering medical assistance company in Turkey that provides healthcare and answers the medical needs of maritime cruising and cargoline companies while also contributing to the industrial industry by taking on the medical responsibility of major projects such as the TurkStream pipeline project that spans over the Black Sea from Turkey to Russia.

Fatih drill ship docked at harbor, Istanbul.

Ship laying submarine pipeline.

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