AID Assistance not only provides access to high-quality healthcare, but also practices cost containment to ensure patients receive the right service at the right cost.

The AID Assistance medical network is one of the largest with providers scattered across the 81 provinces in Turkey. This not only makes it possible for AID Assistance to navigate the patient for the best treatment available in the close territory, it also allows AID Assistance to contain and maintain medical invoices of it’s clients for the best treatment at the lowest cost possible.

Inflated medical invoices are very common. Backed by 20 years of experience and knowledge in the field, AID Assistance negotiates with providers by comparing with customary rates based on the providers location and standards. Our cost-containment practices guarantee clients low cost treatment without forfeiting service quality anywhere in the region.

Healthcare Provider costs may vary depending on multiple factors even in the same city. This can be difficult for both local and foreign clients to choose the best option. AID Assistance is your medical navigator for the best service at reasonable costs.

Cost containment is the practice of maintaining expense amounts in order to prevent overcharged bills or expenses. In our understanding cost containment is to reduce and maintain healthcare expenses and medical invoices of patients while still receiving high standard healthcare.