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Our Services for Cargolines, Tankers & Ship Agents

Pre-Employment tests, on-demand healthcare, routine personnel screening and testing arrangements are possible for anywhere in Turkey or at sea. You’re as safe offshore as you would be on land with AID Assistance.

Working on Cargoline and Tanker ships is among the physically demanding and hazardous occupations in the world. Healthcare and emergency aid is a common need and is essential to the marine industry.

During their voyage, seafarers also require doctor visits and hospital visits to follow-up on chronic and acute conditions and other healthcare needs.

AID Assistance provides professional service and guidance in providing healthcare using a broad network of “A+ JCI accredited” hospitals across Turkey and the medical repatriation/evacuation of clients anywhere around the world.

Maersk Line Cargoship passing through the bosphorus, Istanbul.

Arkas Emma A cargoship waiting to pass the Bosphorus, Istanbul.