Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine Services

Whether at sea or a remote location, our medical doctors are the quickest to respond by voice or video call. Onboard medical equipment for telemedicine helps doctors make a diagnosis and advise further treatment.

Telemedicine may be used for non-complicated conditions or follow-up consultations or prescription for medications . It may also be used for many other health conditions such as psychiatric conditions, tele-dermatology including consultations for skin conditions, flu and colds, infections, bowel movement issues and eye conditions are among the addressed health issues in telemedicine.

Vessels at sea or remote locations may be equipped with telemedicine devices and tools. These devices allow medical doctors to carry out blood tests and further diagnostic practices.

Emergency situations such as heart attacks, strokes, wounds or broken bones requiring X-rays, casts or splints and any other conditions that require immediate physical treatment must be addressed by medical professionals in person.

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